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Autumn-Winter 2017 Collection

FURLA AW 17/18 – Bubble of Time

Milan, February 23rd 2017 - In occasion of the new Autumn-Winter 17/18 collection presentation, in the beautiful scenery of Palazzo Cusani, Furla celebrates its 90 years of history with the launch of a capsule collection, evolution of the famous project related to the it bag Furla Metropolis.

A handbag traveling across the nine decades of history of Furla like a time machine, from the early twentieth century to the dawn of the new millennium. Ninety years of history reflected in a bag. A capsule collection, MyPlay, in stores from May, will celebrate this heritage: the same handbag in five different colors, with nine different flaps that can be easily, playfully replaced.

The number nine – nine bags, one for each decade of Furla’s history – lies at the heart of Furla’s AW 17/18 collection: nine bags with five variants each, fortyfive models in total to tell a simple, very Italian story: the evolution of the twentieth century and the arrival of the new millennium as seen through the lens of the history of women, their tastes, and their lives.

The 1920s: still so astonishingly modern, art deco and Charleston’s musical revolution and, in literature, “The Great Gatsby”: a velvet pochette bag with metallic mesh and rhinestones.

The 1930s: the Jazz Age, Marlene Dietrich’s glamour: precious materials – fur and chamois – give life to the nocturnal beauty of that decade with five exclusive handbags.

The 1940s: the inspiration comes from military uniforms, and women and men in the mood for love in the postwar years. Swing music and dance, sailors and Hollywood musicals – the decade of absolute joy and of new beginnings. Printed tassels and polka dots – even denim – on shoulder bags evoke that freewheelin’ spirit.

The 1950s: the decade of rock’n’roll, the music that still makes us dance nowadays. The movie “Grease”, the bright and colorful jukeboxes: quilted topbox bags reminiscent of the car seats from that era, the letter "F" – Furla’s monogram – reminiscent of varsity jackets.

The 1960s: the freedom of the Beatles, the slightly aloof coolness of the Mods, Mondrian’s geometric lines for the shoulder bags: tasseled with silkscreen printing, and “cavallino” petals.

The 1970s: bright with strobe lights and disco-ball and glitter at Studio 54: suede and eco-fur and sequins and metallic quilt decorate the bucket bags.

The 1980s: the punk years. Safety pins and Anarchy studded jackets inspired mini-bags, black and decorated with studs and pins, and a large heart with the inscription "Furla 80". One of the five bags is imprinted with a black/white/gray desaturated British flag.

The 1990s: the surge of hip-hop and bling-bling are translated into an aesthetic of leather and neoprene for the handbags, with a large number "90", just like a football player’s jersey.

The 2000s: the years of techno music and hi-tech gadgets. Japanese manga and scifi aesthetics take the form of metal and glitter, desaturated colors and elegant floral-robotic motifs for the backpack bags.

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