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Autumn-Winter 2017 Collection

For Fall-Winter 2017/2018, Sportmax returns faithfully to the meticulous codes of its Italian sportswear origins. The élan of clean lines is enhanced this season with meticulously researched technical materials, while a new electric mood is sourced by the collection’s dynamic, raw energy. Cut exclusively in deep black, brilliant white, regimental navy and adventure orange, the clothes arise in a high-definition vision.

Reductive in its forms, the collection nonetheless has plenty to say. The singular pattern this season is an army of words that spurt out like a digital computer screen, running across knit sweaters, scarves, nylon shirts or vertically down fold- front dresses. Run, Run Steady, and even the Sportmax logo all provide a steady stream of black and white conversa- tion as well as graphic punch to the surface of the clothes.

Sturdy hooded coats cut from a double-faced maxi-corduroy wool velvet are underpinned with strata of quilted nylon. Materials like crisp nylon and shiny shrink-wrap PVC underscore the speedy, high-tech flavor of the season, while sheer silk georgette floats over sporty word sweaters, adding a soft, diaphanous layer. Opposites attract in a luxurious dou- ble-faced wool anorak that is reversible, showing off its sporty nylon interior. Knitwear, a Sportmax staple, is innovative as always, including sweaters with nylon quilted arms and bi colored thickly ribbed sweaters with detachable collars.

Silhouettes this season are clean, yet intriguing. Skirts come long and straight or cropped, revealing legging legs. Pants are high waisted with ribbed knit ankles and volume through the hips or skin-clinging in a technical stretch. Dresses are airy and floating, such as hooded zip front crepe de chine dresses or clouds of silk georgette masquerad- ing a word game. Nylon and silk jumpsuits and Sportmax sweatshirts – see now buy now – add a sporty utility.

The slick, speedy look is kicked off with kitten-heel, pointy toe booties; leggings peek out from under pants worn with sling back, high vamp pumps. Handbags this season are small, rigid and functional, featuring thick, contrast color straps that are worn cross body or around the waist. Eyewear has been flattened into grey or blue screens with clear piping, finishing off the look with a high-tech edge.

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